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Emergency Dialing with Yeastar S-Series VoIP IP PBX

Is it possible to set up an emergency call through PBX and have a trigger so that ANYTIME a call is sent to the emergency number a notification is automatically sent to staff to deal with the urgent situation?

Yes, the emergency number feature in Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX (available in or later) can ensure the emergency calls are always put through on the designated trunk. And it allows you to set up an alert to notify emergency response personnel of emergency numbers being dialed. It is very useful in hotels, assisted living facilities, hospitals, and virtually any office.

Add Emergency Number

Path: Settings > PBX > Emergency Number, enter the emergency number, and select a trunk to call the emergency number. You can also set a notification extension.

Emergency number: can have multiple emergency numbers

Multiple emergency numbers may be created. For example, you can add 911 as the emergency number. As we know, different country has different emergency number, different numbers may exist for fire or medical emergency. This also comes in handy for international applications as this feature is not limited to a 911 or 999 code. Virtually any phone number can be used as an emergency code.

Trunk: make sure your emergency call is put through

Choose trunks for dialing emergency number. All extensions can make emergency call through these trunks regardless of the Time Condition settings. Please note when all the trunks are busy, the system will terminate one ongoing call to make sure the emergency call is put through.

Notification: notice the emergency situation immediately

When the emergency number is dialed, the system will make a notification call to the selected extension with a prompt. The administrator can also make further settings in “Event Center”. For example, if extension 1000 dialed 911, it would send a prompt saying so which is helpful if someone accidentally dials 911 or if there is a real emergency.

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