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S-Series PBX Firmware Update: New Call Recording Features and more..

S-Series VoIP PBX new firmware version has arrived and it’s jam-packed of bug fixes, improvements, and new features to make the user experience more seamless.

This latest version consummates PBX functionality in various aspects: digital signature for call recording, added API interfaces, optimized firewall and more. Added new S-Series API interfaces include the interfaces for Paging Group and CDR Download to deliver greater availability. Another optimization that worth noting is that S-Series configuration wizard now embeds short video tutorials to help new users to get started with the PBX quickly and easily.

New Features and Update Highlights

Configuration Wizard

  • Optimised the Configuration Wizard and embedded video tutorials to help new users quickly get started with the PBX.

Call Recording

  • Added a digital signature in each auto recording file and one-touch recording file. The digital signature ensures a recording cannot be altered in any way.
  • Added support for recording calls with consent: when external users call in the PBX, they have options choose whether the calls will be recorded or not.


  • Fixed Voicemail Password issue: after editing an extension, the extension’s voicemail password would be changed automatically.
  • Fixed FXS extension issue: there was no sound during the call that made through an FXS extension.


  • Fixed SIP trunk issue: the configurations of ITSP templates were incorrect.
  • Fixed SIP Peer Trunk issue: if making outbound calls through a SIP peer trunk, the DOD number was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed SIP trunk issue: SIP trunk configurations would be lost after rebooting the PBX.
  • Fixed DOD issue: if DOD numbers were bound to an extension group, the DOD numbers were displayed incorrectly when making outbound calls.
  • BRI trunk: changed incorrect setting undefined on the Advanced page to Ignore Remote Hold Indications.

Call Control

  • Fixed Inbound Route issue: the PBX could not correctly match inbound calls with DID numbers that were set on multiple inbound routes.

Call Feature

  • Optimized BLF feature of Queue: a queue agent can set a BLF key (*75{queue_number}) to achieve both Status Monitoring and Status Switching.
  • Optimized Call Parking feature: retrieving a parked call occupies one call channel.
  • Fixed Emergency Number issue: if a PSTN trunk was being used, PBX would not disconnect the current call and send emergency calls through the PSTN trunk.
  • More fixed issues for voicemail, DISA, and Yealink phone compatibility.


  • Added API interfaces of Paging Group, SIP trunk, Outbound Route and Inbound Route.
  • Added support for performing Call Transfer during an internal call or an external call.
  • Added support for downloading CDR.
  • For details of the added API interfaces, please contact Yeastar Solutions here.


  • Added support for unauthenticated email server: If the email server doesn’t need password authorisation, you can leave the Password field blank.

Security Center

  • Optimized Firewall: Added a default firewall rule to accept traffic from Linkus Cloud Service.
  • Fixed Blocked IP Address issue: The Blocked IP Address page displayed a large number of records for the same IP addresses.
  • Fixed SSH login issue: The regenerated SSH password was invalid.

App Center

  • Linkus App is pre-installed on a factory PBX.
  • Optimized Linkus Send Email feature: You can choose to send Linkus emails by Yeastar server. By doing this, you don’t have to set up Email on your PBX. By choosing Yeastar server, you can send Linkus emails even though your PBX Email is not configured.
  • Fixed Queue Metrics Integration issue: Outbound calls that were made from QueueMetrices would not be recorded.
  • Fixed Auto Provisioning issue: If you configured the custom templates of Yealink phones, garbled characters would appear on the Custom Template page.
  • Fixed Auto Provisioning issue: Auto provision Yeastar TA1600 V3, TA2400 V3, or TA3200 V3 could not work properly.

Firmware Download 

To obtain the lastest firmware please contact Yeastar Solutions here, or check for new update in your S-Series VoIP PBX Web interface.

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