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Easy Centralised Phone Book Management with LDAP Server App in S-Series IP PBX

1. What is LDAP?

LDAP, or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, is a client-server protocol for managing related information from a centralized location through the use of a file and directory hierarchy. In other words, it is a protocol for accessing a directory service.

LDAP is used as a phone book on Yeastar S-Series PBX, so that you can search a key word from your IP phone. It is an easy and sophisticated solution based on LDAP services available, fulfilling the requirement searching a phone directory quickly. LDAP Server in S-Series provides centralized phone book management, which makes phone book management easy and intuitive. You can set up S-Series VoIP PBX as a server. Once the LDAP is set up, you can search the LDAP directory and look up contacts on your IP phone.

For example, you can search name, email and telephone, such as “Yeastar”, and it will return all the contacts containing Yeastar.

2. Configure LDAP Server on S-Series VoIP PBX

LDAP Server is an App in S-Series VoIP PBX App Center. So you can install, uninstall, and upgrade LDAP Server in App Center. After installing LDAP Server App on S-Series PBX, follow the below instruction.

  • Click the Main Menu and open LDAP Server. Check the option of “Enable LDAP”, and use default configuration in the other fields.
    Default configuration as below:
    Base DN: dc=pbx, dc=com
    PBX DN: ou=pbx, dc=pbx, dc=com
    Username: cn=admin, dc=pbx, dc=com
    Password: (fill in as required)
    Then you can add contacts as required.



Note: Yeastar S-Series supports for importing and exporting LDAP contacts.

3. Configure LDAP on IP Phones

Now, you should configure LDAP settings on your IP phones. The configuration settings you enter in your phone will wildly depend on how your LDAP server is configured.

For detailed configuration, download the Guide here. It contains the actual application process with SIP phones from Yealink, Htek, Cisco, Grandstream, and Zoiper Softphone.

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